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So Am I MP3 Download


So Am I MP3 Download

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So I had an interesting thought yesterday, and was curious to see what other peoples opinion would be. When the RIAA sues some poor kid (not that I excuse illegal downloading), is the crime based on the fact that they downloaded an MP3 or that they possessed an MP3 that they didn't own a physical CD for?

Now let's say I download an album - and my house burns down. That's something that can be proved with insurance records. Must I destroy the MP3 if I lose the physical CD? It was my understanding that copyright law (ignoring DVDs and their CSS crap) allowed me to make a copy for 'archival' reasons. Does that mean I need to burn the MP3 to CD and then delete the MP3? In other words - I can legally back up my CD, but must back up in the same format. (Audio CD to Audio CD)

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I am brand new to Spotify... after looking over the "device" section, it looks like I won't be able to use my Sony MP3 to download music. Is this true (please tell me I am wrong... I don't want to buy an ipod)?

Then there's all the rest of the processes around that. I typically stay up about two hours after the end of the show. I chat with participants off-air for 30-45 minutes (this is usually the most fun segment!) and then handle all the post-work, since I like it when the resources are posted right away. That way, I don't have to go back and work on it again. Although it's certainly possible to just let the video be automatically posted on my YouTube channel and be done with it, I like putting together the video, my visual notes, an MP3 download (for the people who prefer to listen to the podcast while, say, doing chores or walking around), and eventually a transcript. If I'm going to do something, I might as well use it as an opportunity to explore what awesomeness look like. =)

At least an MP3 download is better than the streaming version of an album. Yup, reduced bandwith, compressed streaming audio. Grainy, nasty sound and usually worse than MP3s. I was asked to be the spokesperson for interviews with press after working on Elliott Smith's New Moon CD last year. The only way writers could hear the CD was by streaming the double album. Needless to say, most people couldn't remember what they'd heard, or which song was which. Oh well. At least it didn't leak before the release date.

How about the "partial songs". What's that? Where you get to hear only half the song before it cuts off rudely. The new Stereolab CD, Chemical Chords, was sent to us as a download with all the tracks cut in half like this. You can imagine, you're getting into the shimmery drone goodness and then, "WHAM", the song stops. I deleted it immediately. I'll be happy to go buy a proper version later.

To find your downloads on Android, open the phone's file manager. If the device doesn't have one, you can download a file manager from the Google Play Store. Open the file manager app and go to the Downloads section. You will see a list of all your downloaded files, photos, videos, and documents here. 781b155fdc

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