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Robot Structural Analysis Professional: A Powerful Software for Structural Engineers

robot and other software in the architecture, engineering & construction collection are designed to help you find and solve complex problems in your projects. with the new robot structural analysis professional, you can generate analysis results directly from your model to drive analysis and design decisions. you can use analysis within the model or export analysis results to other applications. you can also choose to run analysis on the specified components, parts, entities, or any part of the model.

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in this article you will find the new enhancements and features briefly explained and this time, our 2022 overview also comes with a public roadmap update. the roadmap will provide a broader perspective on what the intent is for our continuous investments in structural analysis and design. it also provides the opportunity to ask for your contributions, as advisors, about the projects that are under development as we look to improve your experience with robot and also help you maximize the value from your investment in the architecture, engineering & construction collection.

for the purpose of this article, we are introducing some new features to the robot structure analysis plugin that was originally released for autodesk simulation design professional(r) (i). we are introducing the following new features:

the new prestress software will be available as a free update for all registered users of robot structural analysis 2021 and 2022. the update will be made available on tuesday, september 3rd at 4:00 pm et. registration in order to access the update is quick and easy, follow the steps below to automatically register:

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