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Pics Of Black Mens Hairstyles

A rich hairstyle with a wild curly top. It requires less maintenance and the undercut is all about creating short sides. It can either be faded low or high. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle[]).push();10. Twists + Line Up + DesignSourceOne of the most favorite black men hairstyles. Twists with a lineup help maintain a fresh and clean look while the design makes the style unique.

pics of black mens hairstyles

One of the trendy hairstyles for black men is the high top fade, mostly preferred because of its versatility. A skin fade makes the high top curls stand out. It looks good with a neatly shaved beard and mustache.

In case you are looking for natural hairstyles for short hair, wavy hair is a very nice option to consider. To balance the defined texture of the black men hairstyles, add a taper fade to the sides and back of your head. Mind you, such black hair styles are highly adjustable to any age.

Defined edges and a seamless shave put this look on the top of our must-try hairstyles for black men list. If you want to grow out your hair a little bit, just know that kinky curls on top of the crown add flair and sass for a striking look.

Some guys like their curls to be natural as you can see in this Afro style faded with a messy top. In order to get the length to the top it has to be disconnected. It has been faded down to the skin around the ears blending into the disconnection. I would imagine the only styling product used here would be a conditioning product for the curls. Invest in your hair and choose the right barber who knows black men hairstyles.

Whenever you feel like making a statement with your hair, mohawks and outrageous colors are what comes to mind. Mohawk hairstyles for black men are especially interesting due to the nature of their locks.

Not all mohawk hairstyles for black men are created equal. Depending on your imagination and the professionalism of your hairstylist, you can sport a real masterpiece. If you are not ready for anything too prominent, you can settle for tapered fohawks or undercuts.

A high fade is a perfect combo with a long black mens Mohawk. Perfect for men who like high fades. With this length of hair, you might find it hard to keep it voluminous and high up. Invest in quality products with a strong hold.

Though the hair is a crowning glory for most black men, having a fade is one of the most attractive hairstyles they can wear. For one, a fade can be combined with so many different tops (a fade with an afro, a fade with short curls, a fade with a twist, a fade with an almost bald cut, a fade with dreadlocks, etc.). The fade clears the face and draws focus on their facial features, enhanced by the style on the top.

Also known as the Brooklyn Fade, the temple fade haircut can have its history traced back to the 90s. Predominantly popular with black men with afro hairstyles, the temple fade haircut has since found its way into the haircut mainstream, where it is a viable option for anyone. 350c69d7ab

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