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Modern C Up And Running: A Programmer's Guide T...

My experience of learning Rust reveals that a C++ programmer can learn (basic) Rust much more quickly than normal if he can extract the similarities between the two languages. Although Rust is quite a radical programming language, we cannot deny that it shares many common ideas with modern C++. Therefore, I create a very short book that compares Rust to modern C++ with very basic examples, one by one in pair. These are very simple examples and are often used to guide programmers when they start to learn any new programming language.

Modern C Up and Running: A Programmer's Guide t...

Note added January, 2022:This document was written for Go'srelease in 2009, and has not been updated significantly since.Although it is a good guide to understand how to use the languageitself, thanks to the stability of the language, it says littleabout the libraries and nothing about significant changes to theGo ecosystem since it was written, such as the build system, testing,modules, and polymorphism.There are no plans to update it, as so much has happened and a largeand growing set of documents, blogs, and books do a fine job ofdescribing modern Go usage.Effective Go continues to be useful, but the reader shouldunderstand it is far from a complete guide.See issue28782 for context.

However, some Linux distributions and some other or older BSDs sometimes haveextremely old versions of GCC. These steps attempt to help you upgrade youcompiler even on such a system. However, if at all possible, we encourage youto use a recent version of a distribution with a modern system compiler thatmeets these requirements. Note that it is tempting to install a priorversion of Clang and libc++ to be the host compiler, however libc++ was notwell tested or set up to build on Linux until relatively recently. Asa consequence, this guide suggests just using libstdc++ and a modern GCC as theinitial host in a bootstrap, and then using Clang (and potentially libc++). 041b061a72

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