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Steganos Privacy Suite 20.0.10 Free Download [CRACKED]

Spyware is installed unnoticed and secretly transmits your address and account information.Steganos Privacy Suite will combines powerful tools for protecting your privacy. Steganos Safe protects your sensitive data - it serves as your encrypted hard disk. You open the safe with a password, USB stick or your ActiveSync-capable SmartPhone: via Bluetooth or even wireless.Laptop lost or stolen? With Steganos AntiTheft, you increase your chance of restoring it. Your valuable data will definitely not be accessible. USB sticks, too, can be turned into portable safes: now even rewritable.Steganos AntiSpyware reliably removes about 100,000 pest programs like Adware and Spyware. Steganos Shredder destroys sensitive data without a trace - even retroactively, if necessary. For free: Updates for Steganos Security Suite are available for free within a generation. Spyware database updates are included for 1 year.Here are some key features of "Steganos Privacy Suite":Double Safe Size- Every Safe contains now up to 512 GB! Install as many secure hard drives you need in real time with 256 Bit AES.Mail Client Safe now also for Outlook Express and Windows Mail- Protect E-Mails, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks from Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail in your Safe. That way, access is only possible with your password.Faster access to your Safes- Open all or selected Safes immediately after the start of Windows.Scheduled deep-cleaning- Shred superfluous data on your hard drive when your PC is idle.Enhanced InternetTraceDestructor- Destroys work- and surf traces - now including Office 2007. With cookie administration and XP protection.Steganos Password Manager: Your digital bunch of keys- Create, encrypt and manage all your passwords. Steganos Password Manager keeps all your passwords in a securely encrypted list with automatic entry-function. Choose your personal categories to sort your passwords.Make your passwords mobile- Use the Password Manager on your Pocket PC! Including synchronization tool for your computer: This way new and updated passwords are automatically transferred to your Pocket-PC.iPod as key to your hard drive or as Portable Safe- Use your iPod to open your Safe or use it as Safe when you are en route.Private Favorites- Now you can save images as well in your password protected list of favorites.Hotkey Support- Open and close the Safe with practical shortcuts.E-mail Encryption- Create self-decrypting e-mails: now you can send whole folders via e-mail.Steganos PicPass- Remember a sequence of images to open your Safe.Portable Safe- Simply take your encrypted data with you: On CD and DVD or even as rewriteable data on USB sticks. Usable anywhere without additional software - all you need is a password.Shredder- Destroys sensitive data irrevocably. Also includes the DeepSpace Shredder.AntiTheft Protection- In case your laptop gets stolen, Steganos AntiTheft can provide you with information that may serve to recuperate your computer.Hide and Seek: Steganography- Hide sensitive data in pictures and music.256 Bit AES- Real-time protection by the world's most advanced encryption algorithm.

Steganos Privacy Suite 20.0.10 Free Download

شرکت سازنده: Steganos GmbHنام انگلیسی: Steganos Privacy Suiteشماره نسخه: v20.0.10 Revision 12581حجم فایل: 68 مگابایتتاریخ انتشار: 09:17 - 1398/11/17 2020.02.06منبع: پی سی دانلود / www.p30download.irامتیاز: 3.5/5 350c69d7ab

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