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Remote Sensing Of Environment Jensen Pdf Free !!LINK!!

one major advantage of using suas for environmental remote sensing is that it is possible to identify any natural or human-induced disturbance of vegetation that is not visible from the ground. indeed, suas can be used to perform the first-ever airborne survey of a forest. a uav equipped with a thermal camera and thermometer can be used to identify areas of heat and/or temperature anomalies. these anomalies may be the result of either natural or anthropogenic disturbances. uavs can be used to map the position of heat sources and thus provide intelligence on the location and types of human-induced disturbances. as a result, it may be possible to identify areas that are most vulnerable to future wildfires.

remote sensing of environment jensen pdf free

once the aircraft has landed, the researcher can then navigate the aircraft to a remote location. many suas have a front or side mounted camera. this camera can be used to record video and stills. in some cases, the camera can be used to capture images during flight. the use of a camera on the suas is not limited to environmental remote sensing. the camera may be used for other purposes such as mapping, measuring distance, and obtaining images for navigation. one of the advantages of suas is that the aircraft does not need to be tethered to a ground station. this allows the aircraft to fly freely over an area and perform data collection. using a camera mounted on an suas provides a means of performing automatic spatial registration. the camera is a passive device that does not require a signal to track. any directional changes in position that the aircraft makes as it travels over the area being studied will be recorded by the camera. if the researcher has stored a digital image of the area of interest, the camera can be used to automatically track and spatially register the imagery. in some cases, researchers may wish to fly over a location with a fixed-wing aircraft to provide a more stable platform for data collection. table 4 lists different fixed-wing aircraft that may be used for environmental remote sensing.

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