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Crack Birdseye Satellite Imagery !LINK!

Crack Birdseye Satellite Imagery >>>>>

Crack Birdseye Satellite Imagery !LINK!

The growth of cracks in the ice is apparent in the following two images. They're both satellite images of the same area, taken 33 years apart. The top image is from January 1986. The bottom image is from January 2019.

The GPSMAP 66i comes loaded with Garmin TopoActive (100k) maps and also comes with a (free) subscription to Garmin Birdseye imagery (satellite photos). These maps are routable and include decent trail coverage, much better than they were just a few years ago. But TopoActive maps definitely don't include all the trails that are out there. The preloaded map also includes thousands of points-of-interest like campgrounds, geographic features, restaurants, etc.

I used the Birdseye maps in the field a few times to see what they were like and satellite imagery just isn't great on a small screen like this. Satellite imagery is much better when planning, and if you're planning, I found the Google satellite photos to be a much higher resolution and more up to date. And if you use a tool like CalTopo, you can even download recent satellite photos to get current conditions.

Great review Ray. The satellite imagery mapping looks amazing. Wish garmin would make these units at the least WiFi ready so you could just DL maps and updates. Heck give us a browser and we can get full internet access.

Chiribiquete National Natural Park lost more than 1,000 hectares (2,500 acres) in the last six months, in six different areas of the park (see Base Map above). Much of this deforestation appears to be associated with the conversion of primary forest to illegal cattle pasture. The following satellite images show deforestation in three of these areas (A-C) between September 2020 (left panel) and February 2021 (right panel). *It is important to note that immediately prior to this publication authorities carried out a major intervention to crack down on the illegal activity within the park (see news here).

Maxar Technologies, which makes satellites for geospatial imagery and intelligence but also offers software and analytics, saw the bottom fall out in late 2018 and early 2019 when an accumulation of bad news took the stock from $70.00 to a sad $6.00 per share.

But by 2020, Maxar had turned a corner. The company sold off MDA, the Canadian space robotics and radar systems branch of the company, to relieve some debt. That move left Maxar with its DigitalGlobe business as its main engine, a US satellite imagery provider. Maxar began to post stronger quarterly earnings, aided by its SecureWatch geospatial subscription service, which started pulling in more customers as the demand for monitoring and mapping capabilities rose.

I have stood on glaciers in Alaska, looked into their impossible blue depths, witnessed their calving and heard their magical, cracking song. Flying over the glacial coastline between Anchorage and Juneau, with its undulating crystalline rivers of ice, snow, rock and sediment, inspired a series of aerial portraits of glaciers around the world. Each is a portrait of a particular glacier or glacial area done from Nasa satellite images.

Hummingbird uses all three remote sensing technologies, drone imagery, aerial imagery, and satellite imagery combined with weather and soil data, and processed using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities plus plant pathology, to make yield predictions, manage nitrogen levels, and diagnose disease in crops including soybeans, oilseed rape, cereals, sugarbeets, peas, and potatoes. These recommendations can help farms mitigate disease, optimize yield, and apply fertilizer in a more efficient way.

New Delhi, India's capital city, is currently suffering though a period of particularly poor air quality. In early November 2016, monitors at various locations in the area posted air quality index measurements as high as the 900s (the most severe ranking, "hazardous," is any air quality index measurement over 300). Thousands of schools hav

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