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Fast Gsm Omap

in other news, the omap5/350/355/360/405 socs contain various logical and physical transceivers within the uart (cmi-c1) and smsi-c1 subsystems. this design (and the bit-banged implementation of some of them) looks optimized to avoid the need to clock many of the lines during state transition of the uart protocol. here are some examples: uart receiver txd driven by uart receiver rxd. uart transmitter txd driven by uart transmitter rxd. smsi transceiver rxd driven by smsi transceiver txd.

fast gsm omap

why only the original bootloader(which is written in flash of the omap5 chip itself) can be booted from icb? you can make the boot rom dynamic by using the downloaded boot.img in the boot rom for the running kernel, but we need to include the code to boot the rom and execute the boot.img to save the in situ chip booting feature.

theres less evidence that phone manufacturers are actively making phones with the fast-gsm standard. as at&t uses the same gsm standard as what makes up the t-mobile network, this leaves motorola in the leading position to make this phone. this is not a gsm phone but it is the best of the gsm phones. it is very close to the motorola moto e and many might prefer this phone over the motorola

can i disable the dialing tone when call is connected? (i was using this feature, because the previous phone i used, had no dialing tone when call is connected, so i needed to manually dial all the numbers when i receive the call..)

it would be cool if the map was also included, although it is a feature that is already in the gpsd-measure script, you would have to save out a picture of the map in your phone and have that as a default map in your phone when you boot up. you could send the file to yourself, over gprs/wifi and or upload it to a sites like google maps (i saw google maps had a list of gps locations that you have saved).

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