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Ukraniane Teens

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Ukraniane Teens

By high school, teens are old enough to understand the deadly consequences of war. They also become adept at perspective-taking, Masten said, so they might want to discuss feelings around other kids their age fleeing their homes, taking up arms, or worrying about dying.

However, the state estimates at least 500 Ukrainians have arrived here since March and sought state resources. The state reports there are more than 1,000 entry applications filed with the same program which brought the three Ukrainian teens to Minnesota.

The tryouts are gruelling, with four rounds of cuts against about 180 teens, a U18 AAA camp with the top 60, a game with the top 40, and then a week-long camp for the best 26 players. From the camp, the coaches select their 20-player team.

The war in Ukraine is distressing to all of us. Children and teens are wondering what is happening, and what may happen next. Like adults, they are better able to cope with upsetting news and images when they understand more about the situation.

Children and teens understand and react to distressing events differently based on their developmental age and unique personal experiences. Some children will feel the impact more than others and may need more help coping. Obviously, if children have family or friends in Ukraine, this war will feel very close to home. But children with no personal relationship to Ukraine or its people may also be at risk of troubling reactions.

Children and teens are often very concerned about themselves. When there is a crisis, they may become even more concerned about what affects them personally. They may act immaturely. Sometimes adults see this as being selfish or uncaring. Expect children to think more about themselves for the time being. Once they feel reassured that they are being listened to and their needs will be met, they are more likely to be able to start to think about the needs of others.

When a major world crisis of this magnitude this occurs, it is a good idea to bring the topic up with children even if they are quite young. At first, older children and teens may tell you that they don't want to or need to discuss it. It is generally not a good idea to force them to talk with you; keep the door open for them to come back and discuss it later. Let them know you are available when they are ready to talk and let them choose the time.

The organization went all-virtual when COVID-19 hit, and now has nearly 24,000 followers on TikTok. The group engages Jewish teens on various social media platforms, including Twitch and Discord, which are both popular with gamers. Lost Tribe has its own Discord channel where 600 teens log in daily to hang out with each other online. It also offers Jewish education through experiences on the popular game Minecraft, and hosts regular events on Jewish holidays. 781b155fdc

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