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The Protein Book Pdf Lyle Mcdonald [REPACK]

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However, I still needed more data on dietary protein intake (and keto diets for that matter) that weren't constrained by arbitrary duration and carbohydrate levels or ketogenic diets. The protein requirements in this book are based on the validity of the research and the current state of sports nutrition, making it one of the most valid, current, up-to-date books on the topic. It is also one of the most complete books on the subject of protein in the history of the subject. The chapters are ordered by the amount of protein required for a given level of performance in order to give readers a better understanding of the benefits of consuming more protein.

I didn't mean to make that all about me, so I hope my admission is appreciated. My name is Nate Sherwood and I am the author of a new book on protein. Its called, The Protein Book: A Complete Guide and it can be found online, at Amazon where it is currently ranked #1 for Sports Nutrition.

About a year ago, my publisher approached me about a similar topic, one that provided deeper insight into the relationship between nutrition and sport performance. However, it was also easier to research and understand, and it has been around for a while. I started reading a book on protein intake by Tim Noakes called Lore of Sports Nutrition, trying to set it all straight and comparing its author's hypothesis to what I had found. It was clear that Noakes and others were essentially repeating the same information that I had covered in my first book. It was also clear that my book was greatly needed as it was one of the most comprehensive sources of protein-related information for athletes, especially strength-sports athletes and weightlifters. 3d9ccd7d82

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