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New Maya 2018 Activation

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New Maya 2018 Activation

Important: The script only works if Maya is launched from /Applications/; by default, it will look for it there if it exists in the standard install. You will need to run the script again and it will attempt to install to the new location. It will throw an error if you don't have all the required files in place. You may wish to export any existing copies of the files for the 2015 license and import them into your 2018 copy.

Once installed, you should see the "Your Serial Number - Install Maya 2018 License (Updated)", as shown below. If you are not seeing this text then the tool installed correctly and it will continue the process. If the tool did not install correctly, make sure you have a serial number and a license number listed in the Serial Numbers and License Numbers fields respectively and that you have installed the Install Maya file, with all the required files in the appropriate location.

That is, you can just copy and paste that into the Info window, or the terminal window and just copy the script. Then open the file on the desktop (not the Terminal or Command Prompt window), assuming you've already run the script before. If it's asking you to run it in a Terminal window, just drag and drop the file to that window.

** IMPORTANT ** If you have other programs which could interfere with this toolset installation, you can run this script to automatically remove them. In order to do that you will need to have several commands ready to run in the terminal. It would be best to run the initial terminal commands in a separate shell, so that you don't accidentally erase your own terminal's history. You can find a detailed explanation on how to do that in the Install Maya - Vista section of my how to install Maya guide. 3d9ccd7d82

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