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I9100 Efs.Tar.Md5 Download |TOP|

You only need to do these steps the first time you build. If you previously prepared your build environment and have downloaded the CyanogenMod source code for another device, skip to Prepare the device-specific code.

I9100 Efs.Tar.Md5 Download


Different maintainers setup their device inheritance rules differently. Some require a vendor directory to be populated before breakfast will even succeed. If you receive an error here about vendor makefiles, then jump down to the next section Extract proprietary blobs. The first portion of breakfast should have succeeded at pulling in the device tree and the extract blobs script should be available. After completing that section, you can rerun breakfast i9100

Now ensure that your Galaxy S II is connected to your computer via the USB cable and that you are in the /android/system/device/samsung/i9100 directory (you can cd /android/system/device/samsung/i9100 if necessary). Then run the script:

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