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Troubleshooting Tips for Cisco Usbconsole Driver on Windows 10

after i downloaded the cisco usb console drivers, i then installed them to my windows 7 computer. i usually follow the prompts, but if you do not have administrator rights you may need to go into the software section and execute the software as an administrator. after installation, you will be prompted to restart your computer. once you have your cisco usb console software installed and running, you can configure it using either an individual interface or by using a cisco vpn interface. the cisco usb console is compatible with windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10.

Cisco Usbconsole Driver 3 1zip Free

in order to configure the cisco usb console, you need to connect to it using the connect to device option from the right side of the screen. you can then select the desired interface from the left side of the screen. in this case, we will be connecting to the first usb interface on the pc. you can see that the interface is not currently selected. selecting the interface will display the network information for the selected interface. in this case, the interface information is displayed for the usb network adapter that is connected to the cisco usb console.

in order to access the cisco usb console, we will need to know the ip address of the interface. the ip address will be displayed in the network information section on the right side of the screen. you can copy the ip address and then paste it into your web browser. in this case, the ip address is note that the ip address is displayed as the last digit of the ip address. in this case, the ip address is shown as 192. this will be the ip address that we will use to connect to the cisco usb console.

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