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Backstreet Boys, Millennium Full Album Zip

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Backstreet Boys: Millennium - A Classic Pop Album

Backstreet Boys are one of the most successful pop groups of all time, with over 100 million records sold worldwide. Their third studio album, Millennium, released in 1999, was a huge hit that broke several records and cemented their status as pop icons. The album features some of their most popular songs, such as "I Want It That Way", "Larger Than Life", and "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely". In this article, we will review the album and explore why it is still a fan favorite after more than two decades.

The Making of Millennium

Millennium was recorded between 1998 and 1999, with the help of several producers and songwriters, such as Max Martin, Kristian Lundin, Rami Yacoub, and Mutt Lange. The album was influenced by various genres, such as pop, R&B, rock, and soul. The group wanted to showcase their vocal abilities and harmonies, as well as their maturity and growth as artists. They also wanted to appeal to a wider audience and expand their fan base beyond the teen market.

The album's title was inspired by the upcoming turn of the millennium, which was seen as a significant event in history and culture. The group felt that their album represented a new era of music and hoped that it would have a lasting impact on the listeners. The album's cover art features the group dressed in white suits and standing in front of a futuristic cityscape. The cover was designed by Mark Ryden, who also created covers for Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Songs of Millennium

Millennium consists of 12 tracks that showcase the group's versatility and talent. The album opens with "Larger Than Life", an upbeat anthem that thanks the fans for their support and loyalty. The song features a catchy chorus, a rap verse by AJ McLean, and a guitar solo by Brian Littrell. The song was accompanied by a sci-fi themed music video that featured the group as space warriors fighting against robots.

The next track is "I Want It That Way", the lead single and the most successful song from the album. The song is a romantic ballad that expresses the love and regret of a couple who are separated by distance or circumstances. The song has a simple but memorable melody, a soaring chorus, and a key change that adds to the emotional impact. The song was nominated for three Grammy Awards and topped the charts in more than 25 countries.

"Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" is another ballad that deals with the theme of loss and loneliness. The song features each member singing a solo verse about their personal experiences with grief and heartbreak. The song has a melancholic tone and a haunting chorus that reflects the mood of the lyrics. The song was also nominated for a Grammy Award and reached the top 10 in several countries.

The album also includes other songs that showcase different aspects of the group's style and personality. For example, "It's Gotta Be You" is a dance-pop track that expresses the frustration and desire of a man who is obsessed with a woman who doesn't love him back. "Don't Want You Back" is an upbeat track that tells off an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him. "The One" is a pop-rock track that declares his love for his soulmate. "Back to Your Heart" is a soulful track that pleads for forgiveness and reconciliation with his lover.

The album closes with "The Perfect Fan", a heartfelt track that pays tribute to Littrell's mother, who supported him throughout his career. The song features Littrell playing piano and singing about how much he appreciates his mother's love and guidance. The song also features a choir of children singing along with him in the final chorus.

The Legacy of Millennium

Millennium was a huge success both commercially and critically. The album sold over 1.1 million copies in its first week in the US, breaking the record for the highest first-week sales by a group at the time. The album also debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and sta

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