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Emedia Card Designer V6 5 Activar

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How to activate eMedia Card Designer v6.5

eMedia Card Designer is a software that allows you to design and print plastic cards for various purposes, such as business cards, employee badges, loyalty cards, membership cards and more. You can create your own card templates, populate them with texts, images, barcodes and shapes, and print them using compatible card printers.

To use eMedia Card Designer, you need to activate it with a License Key that you can obtain from your reseller. The License Key will unlock the features of the edition you purchased: Standard, Professional or Expert. You also need an Installation Key that you can find in the Help menu of eMedia Card Designer, under the "Register your license" command.

To activate eMedia Card Designer v6.5, follow these steps:

Download and install eMedia Card Designer v6.5 from this page. You can choose between the installation package, the full installation CD or the partial installation CD.

Launch eMedia Card Designer and go to the Help menu. Select "Register your license" and copy the Installation Key that appears on the screen.

Go to this page and enter your Installation Key and your License Key in the corresponding fields. Click "Ok" to validate.

You will receive an Activation Key by email. Copy this key and paste it in the Activation Key field in eMedia Card Designer. Click "Ok" to activate your license.

You can now use eMedia Card Designer v6.5 with all its features.

If you need to migrate your license to another computer or reinstall eMedia Card Designer, you can use the "Migrate your license" procedure from the Help menu. This will give you a Migration Key that you can use to obtain a new Activation Key from the website.

For more information about eMedia Card Designer, you can visit the official website or consult the Quick Start Guide that you can download from this page.

eMedia Card Designer offers a full WYSIWYG environment where you can design and edit your cards with ease. You can use the built-in card templates or create your own from scratch. You can also import card templates from other sources or export them to share with others.

You can customize your cards with various elements, such as texts, images, barcodes and shapes. You can adjust the size, position, rotation, alignment and color of each element. You can also apply effects, such as transparency, shadow, outline and gradient. You can use the mouse to drag and drop elements on the card or use the keyboard shortcuts for more precision.

You can populate your cards with data from various sources, such as your computer, a database, a scanner or a camera. You can use standard ODBC drivers to connect to any database and read or modify data. You can also use plug-ins to extend the capabilities of eMedia Card Designer and integrate it with other software.

You can print your cards using any compatible card printer, such as Evolis ID card printers. You can also encode the magnetic strips or write the smart chips on your cards in a single operation. You can preview your cards before printing and adjust the print settings to optimize the quality and speed.

eMedia Card Designer is a powerful and user-friendly software that will help you create professional-looking plastic cards for any purpose. You can download a free trial version from this page and try it for yourself. 061ffe29dd

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