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The Ultimate Guide to Haider, the Stunning Hindi Film by Vishal Bhardwaj, in 1080p HD Quality

Hindi 1080p HD Haider Download

If you are looking for a gripping and powerful movie to watch, you should definitely check out Haider, a 2014 Indian crime thriller film directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. It is a modern-day adaptation of William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet, set in the backdrop of the insurgency-hit Kashmir conflicts of 1995. It stars Shahid Kapoor as Haider Meer, a young man who returns to Kashmir after his father's disappearance to confront his uncle Khurram (Kay Kay Menon), whom he suspects of playing a role in his father's fate. He also has a complex relationship with his mother Ghazala (Tabu), who marries Khurram shortly after his father's death. Along the way, he meets Arshia (Shraddha Kapoor), a journalist and his childhood sweetheart, and Roohdar (Irrfan Khan), a mysterious man who claims to know the truth about his father.

Hindi 1080p Hd Haider Download

Haider is a critically acclaimed film that won several awards and accolades, including five National Film Awards and five Filmfare Awards. It is also considered one of the best Indian films of all time by many critics and audiences. In this article, we will tell you more about what Haider is, why you should watch it, and how to download it in Hindi 1080p HD quality. We will also provide you with some tips and tricks to make the most of your viewing experience. So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of Haider.

What is Haider?

Haider is a film that explores the themes of betrayal, revenge, identity, and conflict through the lens of a Shakespearean tragedy. It is not a faithful adaptation of Hamlet, but rather a creative reinterpretation that adds layers of complexity and nuance to the original story. Here are some of the aspects that make Haider a unique and compelling film.


Haider is the third installment of Vishal Bhardwaj's Shakespeare trilogy, following Maqbool (2003), which was based on Macbeth, and Omkara (2006), which was based on Othello. Bhardwaj co-wrote the screenplay with Basharat Peer, a Kashmiri journalist and author of Curfewed Night, a memoir about growing up in Kashmir during the peak of the conflict. Bhardwaj also composed the music and lyrics for the film, which features a blend of rock, folk, and classical genres. The film was shot in various locations in Kashmir, such as Srinagar, Anantnag, Pahalgam, and Sonamarg. The film faced several challenges during production, such as security threats, weather issues, and protests from local groups. However, Bhardwaj managed to overcome these obstacles and deliver a masterpiece that showcases the beauty and the tragedy of Kashmir.


Haider is a film that deals with many themes that are relevant to the contemporary world, such as:

  • Betrayal: Haider feels betrayed by his mother, who marries his uncle soon after his father's death. He also feels betrayed by his uncle, who he believes is responsible for his father's disappearance and murder. He also feels betrayed by his country, which he sees as oppressing and exploiting his people.

  • Revenge: Haider is driven by a desire to avenge his father's death and to expose his uncle's crimes. He is willing to sacrifice everything, including his love and his sanity, to achieve his goal. He also faces a moral dilemma of whether to kill or to forgive his enemies.

  • Identity: Haider struggles with his identity as a Kashmiri, a Muslim, an Indian, and a human being. He is torn between his loyalty to his family, his faith, his nation, and his conscience. He also questions his own sanity and reality as he experiences hallucinations and doubts.

  • Conflict: Haider is set in a time and place where conflict is rampant and violence is common. The film depicts the harsh realities of living in a war-torn region, where people are subjected to curfews, checkpoints, disappearances, torture, and killings. The film also shows the impact of the conflict on the psyche and the relationships of the characters.


Haider is not a direct adaptation of Hamlet, but rather a loose adaptation that takes inspiration from the original play. The film makes several changes and additions to the story, characters, and settings to suit the context of Kashmir. Some of the notable differences are:

  • The film replaces the kingdom of Denmark with the state of Kashmir.

  • The film replaces the ghost of Hamlet's father with Roohdar, a mysterious man who claims to be sent by Haider's father.

  • The film replaces Claudius, Hamlet's uncle and stepfather, with Khurram, Haider's uncle and stepfather.

  • The film replaces Gertrude, Hamlet's mother and queen of Denmark, with Ghazala, Haider's mother and wife of Khurram.

  • The film replaces Ophelia, Hamlet's love interest and daughter of Polonius, with Arshia, Haider's love interest and daughter of Pervez, a police officer and Khurram's ally.

  • The film replaces Laertes, Ophelia's brother and son of Polonius, with Liyaqat, Arshia's brother and son of Pervez.

  • The film replaces Horatio, Hamlet's friend and confidant, with Salman, Haider's friend and fellow student.

  • The film replaces Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Hamlet's former friends and spies of Claudius, with two Salman look-alikes who work for Khurram.

  • The film replaces the play within the play, where Hamlet exposes Claudius' guilt, with a song and dance performance, where Haider mocks Khurram and Ghazala.

  • The film replaces the fencing match, where Hamlet and Laertes duel to the death, with a gunfight, where Haider and Liyaqat shoot each other.

  • The film adds a subplot of Haider's search for his father's grave, which leads him to a graveyard full of unnamed bodies.

  • The film adds a twist at the end, where Ghazala sacrifices herself to save Haider from Khurram's bomb.

These changes and additions make Haider a more original and creative adaptation of Hamlet, rather than a mere copy or imitation. They also make the film more relevant and relatable to the Indian audience, especially those who are familiar with the history and culture of Kashmir.

Why watch Haider?

Haider is a film that will keep you hooked from the start to the end. It is a film that will make you think, feel, and question. It is a film that will impress you with its artistic and technical excellence. Here are some of the reasons why you should watch Haider.


Haider boasts of an ensemble cast of talented actors who deliver stellar performances in their respective roles. Shahid Kapoor gives a career-best performance as Haider, portraying his character's transformation from a naive and innocent student to a tormented and vengeful rebel. He captures Haider's emotions, expressions, and actions with remarkable skill and intensity. Tabu is equally brilliant as Ghazala, playing a complex and conflicted woman who loves both her son and her husband. She conveys Ghazala's guilt, fear, pain, and love with subtle and powerful gestures. Kay Kay Menon is superb as Khurram, playing a cunning and ruthless politician who hides his evil deeds behind a mask of charm and loyalty. He makes Khurram a formidable and convincing antagonist for Haider. Shraddha Kapoor is charming as Arshia, playing a sweet and loyal girl who supports Haider in his quest for justice. She brings out Arshia's innocence, courage, and tragedy with grace and sincerity. Irrfan Khan is outstanding as Roohdar, playing a mysterious and enigmatic man who guides Haider to his destiny. He makes Roohdar a fascinating and intriguing character who adds mystery and suspense to the story.


Haider is a film that will mesmerize you with its visual style and aesthetics. The cinematography by Pankaj Kumar is stunning and captivating, creating a contrast between the beauty and the horror of Kashmir. The film uses snow as a recurring motif, symbolizing both purity and death. The film also uses colors to convey the mood and tone of the scenes, such as red for bloodshed, green for hope, blue for sadness, and black for darkness. The film also employs various camera angles, movements, and shots to enhance the drama and impact of the scenes, such as close-ups, long shots, aerial shots, tracking shots, handheld shots, etc. The film also uses some innovative techniques such as split screens, slow motion, and flashbacks, to create a unique and artistic cinematic experience.


Haider is a film that will enchant you with its music and songs. The music and lyrics by Vishal Bhardwaj are soulful and haunting, reflecting the emotions and themes of the film. The film features a variety of songs, ranging from rock, folk, classical, to rap, that suit the mood and tone of the scenes. Some of the notable songs are:

  • Aao Na: A rock song that expresses Haider's anger and frustration at the situation in Kashmir. It is sung by Vishal Dadlani and features electric guitar riffs and drums.

  • Bismil: A folk song that narrates the story of Haider's father's murder and his quest for revenge. It is sung by Sukhwinder Singh and features Kashmiri instruments and dance.

  • Khul Kabhi: A romantic song that depicts the love between Haider and Arshia. It is sung by Arijit Singh and features soft piano and guitar melodies.

  • Gulon Mein Rang Bhare: A classical song that conveys Haider's longing and sadness for his father. It is sung by Arijit Singh and features a ghazal style of singing and poetry.

  • Aaj Ke Naam: A rap song that pays tribute to the people who have lost their lives in Kashmir. It is sung by Vishal Bhardwaj and features rap verses and chorus.

The music of Haider is not only pleasing to the ears, but also meaningful to the mind. It adds depth and dimension to the film, making it more engaging and memorable.


Haider is a film that will make you think and question about the world around you. It is a film that has a social and political message, especially in relation to Kashmir. The film does not take sides or offer solutions, but rather presents the reality and complexity of the situation in Kashmir. The film shows the plight and suffering of the Kashmiri people, who are caught between the Indian army, the Pakistani militants, and the local politicians. The film also shows the human cost of the conflict, such as the loss of life, dignity, and freedom. The film also raises questions about the meaning of justice, loyalty, and patriotism, and challenges the stereotypes and prejudices that exist in society. The film does not preach or judge, but rather invites the audience to reflect and empathize with the characters and their circumstances.

How to download Haider in Hindi 1080p HD?

If you are interested in watching Haider in Hindi 1080p HD quality, you have two options: legal or illegal. We will explain both options in detail, along with their pros and cons. We will also give you some tips and tricks to improve your viewing experience.

Legal options

The legal options to watch Haider in Hindi 1080p HD quality are streaming platforms and websites that have the rights to distribute the film online. These options are safe, secure, and legal, but they may require a subscription fee or a one-time payment. Some of the legal options are:


Netflix$8.99 per month (Basic plan)- Unlimited streaming of movies and shows- Ad-free- Offline download available- Compatible with various devices

Amazon Prime Video$12.99 per month or $119 per year (Prime membership)- Unlimited streaming of movies and shows- Ad-free- Offline download available- Compatible with various devices- Access to other Prime benefits

Disney+ Hotstar$19.99 per year (Premium membership)- Unlimited streaming of movies and shows- Ad-free- Offline download available- Compatible with various devices- Access to Disney+ content

YouTube$1.99 (Rent) or $4.99 (Buy)- Stream or download Haider in Hindi 1080p HD quality- Ad-free- Compatible with various devices

iTunes$3.99 (Rent) or $14.99 (Buy)- Stream or download Haider in Hindi 1080p HD quality- Ad-free- Compatible with Apple devices


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