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Buy Womens Brogues Online

A brogues shoe is a derby with open lacing. The lyre perforation, the so-called broguing, is characteristic. With Sumissura, you can choose how many holes you want: full brogue, quarter brogue, with or without a medallion on the toe cap.

buy womens brogues online

Brogues can be staple shoes in a woman's wardrobe. Brogueing details are where the upper is punched through with a pattern usually on the toe. It was originally a way of either strengthening the leather or hiding blemishes in cheaper leather depending on who you believe.Shop our Women's brogues collection below.

Dress shoes can cover an array of popular footwear styles, including loafers (like our FAYE), derbies, and ladies brogues, and are often paired with smart-casual outfits as work shoes. Leather is a quality material that is frequently used when creating these styles, adding a luxe element to their polished aesthetic. To separate these styles, a brogue is characterised by its framework with ornamental and perforated patterns.

OLiViA and AMELiA come under our unique derbies and brogues for women, with features such as feminine, almond-shaped toes, laser-cut detailing, expertly weighted heels counters, and an intuitive, layered system of cushioned support. Custom fitting options are also a key feature of these pairs, as are their revolutionary soft midsoles and durable rubber treads. They are a contemporary and unabashedly feminine take on a classic, must-have style.

Womens brogues oxfords and derbies can enhance casual and dressy ensembles alike, and can come with different soles, such as brogue heels or platform brogues that have a slightly different raised platform. Our fitted support and cushion system ensures that this perfectly proportioned boost is still mindful of the health of your feet, aided by our expertly balanced heel counters. You can style your pair with everything from a jumpsuit for a feminine twist or with a tailored suit for a sophisticated style statement.

Dieppa Restrepo, the line from Andrea Vargas-Dieppa and Elisa Restrepo, has been turning out female-friendly brogues and oxfords in a multitude of leathers and colors for three years. Alexa Chung is a fan, as is Téa Leoni. 041b061a72

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