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George Bush, Worst World Leader In History YES!!

I want to remind people from Pakistan that I didn't mention many world leaders in my State of the Union. But I mentioned President Musharraf, for a reason. And hopefully, that's an indication of my sincerity of developing a strong and meaningful relationship.

George Bush, Worst World Leader In History YES!!

Warren G. Harding is generally considered to be one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. His presidency was marked by scandal; prior to Watergate, the Teapot Dome bribery scandal was probably the biggest scandal in U.S. history. And Harding was also known to be a serial philanderer who preferred pursuing mistresses to governing the country.

To the editor: I was disappointed that columnist Nicholas Goldberg, after talking to some historians, failed to include George W. Bush for consideration as the worst president in history. Any leader who takes America into a needless war (like Iraq) should automatically be included in the discussion.

To the editor: I believe one can state with absolute certainty that Trump is the worst president in history. He is dishonest, he does not follow science or even the facts, and he does not seek to unify the country.

If history has taught us anything it is that during and after times of crisis civil liberties are limited at best and denied at worst. As evidence may I point to the internment of the Japanese American citizens after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the communist witch hunts under Joe Mccarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee during the Cold War and most recently the limitation of rights and personal freedoms under the Patriot Act including the acts of rendition,enhanced interrogation techniques and the internment of political prisoners indefinitely at Quantanamo Base (Gitmo) as well as the actions perpetrated at Abu Garaib. It is during these times of crisis that we must be ever vigilant to the overstepping of authority and the defense of human rights and civil liberties. It is not a desire but a necessity to protect the rights of all. Carl

I find it appalling that Bush and Cheney brag about torturing people something our first president adamantly despised and forbid as was the way until these two step into power. I am hopeful that we will earn back our respect in the world but it's not going to happen with our current president or democratic leaders and if the GOP receives any more power it may never happen. The most disappointing thing is this may not happen in my lifetime. Since my birth I have watched the American dream, upward mobility and basic care for all Americans wideied away by ignorance and the greed that exploits and encourages it continuance. I thought we had hope for real change with this president but he's no better than the last and any good he did is minimized by all the backward compromises. David - NY

I have always thought that in our hysteria since 911 we, with our leaders fueling the flames, sacrificed much of what our republic stands for in the world: human rights above all else, freedoms guaranteed in our constitution, due process, privacy, and others. Emil - GA

Although ACLU's efforts are true and noble, and at the top of the heap when it comes to fighting for our rights and freedoms. I truly believe that there is only one way to rid ourselves of an invasion by corporations, their lobbyists and the typical meat-puppet politicians which sell out to the corporations long before they enter office. (excluding a small hand-full) This type of systemic fraud and misleading of the American people while stealing from us daily and murdering in our name and with our tax dollars for plain greed and corporate profit, and nothing more elegant than that, IS in fact, the very core and cancer of a great nation and "democracy". This act which is now allowed by our supreme court gives the greedy corporations the right to buy our "leaders". This is nothing short of treason - as described by our constitution - and we must rise and hold all accountable for such acts, and for the mass murder of millions of world citizens, including our own who continue to be misled into senseless wars for the advancement of big business. This change must include a free press, of which there is none of because mainstream media is also owned by the corporations. Evil lurks in darkness so, we must be sure that a free press will be there always, to serve as our beacon of light. Without it, there can be no democracy, but only the illusion of one. Thank you Felix - TX

What is needed is the Economy of Equivalences. An hour's work is an hour's work anywhere in the world. You will get paid in time credits, not dollars. Modern computers can calculate how long it takes for, say, a pound of potatoes to go from field to table. You pay in minutes, not dollars. Things become very cheap, because for the first time in history price and value are the same, that is, profits do not drive the engine. People will work fewer hours and gain a high standard of living. This will wipe out poverty worldwide. I can send detailed information on request. Forrest - CA

United States differentiates itself from previous great powers in history in that it's "romantic", ie. it really believes in justice and fairness. It sometimes treasures its value more than its interest. This unprecedented uniqueness makes it a beacon of the world. People in every corner of the world who has justice and fairness in their hearts would love United States. This could also be the reason God blesses US. Let's face it, the prosperity and power US enjoys today doesn't come as an inevitable. It's more like an accident. It's more like God's blessing. It's a privilege. Don't let the terrorists destroy it. Don't let Al Queda win. The alternative is obvious: taking out the principles of justice and freedom, you will get a US that is no more differentiated from any country in the world, or even some developing countries. If you happen to come across any movie about the third world, you may feel how blessed you are, "Gosh, I am glad it doesn't happen here." Now spend one moment to imagine taking out the protection of the Constitution. You see it? Yes, it can happen here. Human being are the same, especially those in power. It's only because of the Constitution it didn't happen here. We have an obligation to create a better world for ourselves and our kids. Jeff - BC

There are few things worse than revenge on a personal and a national level. For the past ten years we have been perpetuate a grim regime of pay--back on innocent people who had absolutely nothing to do with the tragic events of 9/11. Wwe ghave got to stop it and stop it now if we expect to have any moral standing in the world. I can't figure out what has happened in this country that we are so afraid. Life can not be lived that way and a nation's leaders should not play on the fears of their citizens We all, members of the ACLU must continue to raise our voices in the lonely cry for freedom or else we are without a shred of integrity in this missed-up time that we live in. Kennan - CO

Pity The Nation (2007) (After Khalil Gibran) Pity the nation whose people are sheep And whose shepherds mislead them Pity the nation whose leaders are liars Whose sages are silenced And Whose bigots haunt the airwaves Pity the nation that raises not its voice Except to praise the conquerers And acclaim the bully as hero And aims to rule the world By force and by torture Pity the nation that knows No other language than its own And no other culture but its own Pity the nation whose breath is money And sleeps the sleep of the too well fed Pity the nation Oh pity the people Who allow their rights to erode And their freedoms to be washed away MY COUNTRY, TEARS OF THEE SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY! -Lawrence Ferlinghetti Lars - OR

9/11 was a tragedy, but it has devolved into an an excuse for a loss of personal freedom, spying by the government on its own citizens, and worst of all 2 wars that have cost too many lives, our moral position in the world and helped create the greatest debt in history. We do the memories of those who died a profound disservice by our continued insistance that any act done in the name of those victims serves a rightous cause. It is time to put 9/11, as cause for an ill concieved crusade, behind us and attempt to return to the economic stability, moral integrity and the fredoms that have been corrupted in the name of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Leigh - KS

The United States of America is no longer for the people or by the people! Our political leaders are not concerned about what is best for the people and start taking advantage of their roles that are suppose to support the people of the United States of America. We are a world divided within it's own self in every aspect (eg. politicians, people, countries, families)! Either have to pull it together or we are all doomed to have a bleak and enslaved future! Melanie - KY

I told my parents that if Goerge W. Bush became president within one year we would be at war. Well, that was proven to be a correct statement. More than this "we the people" deserve truth from our leaders. How can we believe the "PANCAKE THEORY"??? ONE HUNDRED FLOORS COLLAPSED IN LESS THAN 8 SECONDS!!! LESS THAN 8 SECONDS!!! Try counting to one hundred in 8 seconds - I've tried. How many people died and were cheated from the truth! Mothers, fathers, boyfriends, girlfriends, aunts, uncles - HOW CAN I LOOK AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR EVERYDAY WITHOUT THINKING OF THE LIES OUR GOVERNMENT FED US THROUGH THIS ENTIRE COVER UP. The world trade center has records connecting the dots to the most hurrendous atrocities of our time yet we ate PANCAKES - PANCAKES! DEMAND A NEW INVESTIGATION AND ACCOUNTABILITY!! Phil - IA

My heart still goes out to those directly affected by the awful attacks 10 years ago and to the American people for having to have this in our history, but most of all I hope that we believe in our constitution; it is what separates us and what makes this the best country in the world. PJ - CA

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