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Andhera Ujala: The Classic PTV Drama That Captivated Millions

Andhera Ujala: The Classic PTV Drama That Captivated Millions

Andhera Ujala (Urdu: ØÙØÚÛØØ ØØØÙØ, English: Darkness, Brightness) was a popular Pakistani crime investigation television series aired on Pakistan Television (PTV) from 1984 to 1985. The series was written by Younis Javed, directed by Rashid Dar, and starred Qavi Khan, Rahat Kazmi, Jamil Fakhri, Abid Butt, and Irfan Khoosat as police officers who solved various cases in different episodes.


The series was praised for its realistic portrayal of police work, social issues, and human emotions. It also featured some memorable dialogues, catchy music, and guest appearances by famous actors such as Nadeem Baig, Shafi Muhammad Shah, and Talat Hussain. Andhera Ujala was one of the most watched and loved dramas in the history of Pakistani television, and has a cult following among fans even today.

If you are looking for a way to watch Andhera Ujala PTV drama all episodes online, you are in luck. You can find all 52 episodes of the series on YouTube, uploaded by various channels. However, some of the episodes may have poor video or audio quality, or may be incomplete or missing. To avoid this problem, we recommend you to watch Andhera Ujala PTV drama all episodes on this link, which has the best quality and complete episodes available.

So what are you waiting for? Relive the nostalgia and excitement of Andhera Ujala PTV drama all episodes online. You will not regret it!

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of some of the most famous and interesting episodes of Andhera Ujala PTV drama. These episodes showcase the variety and depth of the series, and will surely keep you hooked till the end.

Episode 1: Bulandi

The first episode of Andhera Ujala introduces us to the main characters and their personalities. Inspector Jaffar (Qavi Khan) is the senior and experienced officer who leads the team with wisdom and authority. Inspector Dawood (Rahat Kazmi) is the young and idealistic officer who believes in justice and honesty. Inspector Farooq (Jamil Fakhri) is the witty and humorous officer who often cracks jokes and lightens the mood. Constable Shaukat (Abid Butt) is the loyal and brave officer who follows orders and supports his seniors. Constable Karam Dad (Irfan Khoosat) is the naive and simple officer who often gets into trouble and makes mistakes.

The episode revolves around a case of a bank robbery, where the robbers have taken hostages and demand a ransom. The police team arrives at the scene and tries to negotiate with the robbers, while also planning a rescue operation. The episode showcases the courage, intelligence, and teamwork of the police officers, as well as the challenges and risks they face in their duty.

Episode 7: Raat

This episode is one of the most thrilling and suspenseful episodes of Andhera Ujala. It features a guest appearance by Nadeem Baig as a mysterious and dangerous criminal who calls himself Raat (Night). Raat has a grudge against Inspector Jaffar, and challenges him to a game of cat and mouse. He calls Jaffar at night and gives him clues about his next crime, daring him to catch him before he strikes. Raat also threatens to harm Jaffar's family if he fails to stop him.

The episode follows Jaffar as he tries to solve Raat's puzzles and prevent his crimes, while also protecting his loved ones. The episode also explores Jaffar's past and his relationship with his wife and daughter. The episode keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats with its twists and turns, and its climactic confrontation between Jaffar and Raat.

Episode 13: Dhamaka

This episode is one of the most emotional and touching episodes of Andhera Ujala. It features a guest appearance by Shafi Muhammad Shah as a bomb disposal expert who is assigned to defuse a bomb planted in a school by terrorists. The episode focuses on the bond between the bomb disposal expert and Inspector Dawood, who accompanies him to the school. The episode also shows the impact of terrorism on innocent lives, especially children.

The episode depicts the bravery, sacrifice, and humanity of the bomb disposal expert, who risks his life to save others. It also shows the friendship, respect, and admiration between him and Dawood, who supports him throughout his mission. The episode ends with a heartbreaking scene that leaves the viewers in tears. 0efd9a6b88

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