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We Buy Used Pianos

Stilwell Pianos is not a consignment shop. We buy all of our pianos outright with cash before we move the piano out of your home. If you would like to sell your piano to us, please fill out the form below or email the information in the form to

we buy used pianos


*Please keep in mind that we do not buy grands or full uprights older than 45 years old. There are exceptions for this for brands like Steinway and Mason & Hamlin. Also we NEVER buy any used digital pianos.

However, there is a downside. Despite the number of eyeballs viewing your listing, online sales in the private market can take longer than selling to a local piano store, depending on the quality of your used piano.

The pros and cons are exactly reversed when selling your piano to a local piano store. The piano store wants to make a profit on the future sale of your used piano. So you might make less from a sale to a local piano store.

In the Greater Boston area, East Cambridge Piano seeks good, used pianos. Their online inventory page suggests that they take a wide range of brands and models including Bechstein, Sojin, Yamaha, and Samick.

At American Music World, we pride ourselves on providing quality services you can trust at great prices. From tuning and moving pianos to music lessons and storing pianos, we have a wide variety of services we offer our customers so you can find all your piano needs in one location. Our passion is to fill the world with more musicians who love and spread good music wherever they go.

Looking to sell your piano? We specialize in buying used pianos and can pay top-dollar. We pay in cash and our process is hassle free. We can also sell your piano on consignment. We also accept pianos in trade towards new pianos.

Are you looking to sell your piano in NJ? At Rockaway Music, we buy pianos directly from musicians who are either looking to get something new, to make some space, or for those who have lost interest and would just like some extra money. Whatever your reason may be, Rockaway Music is interested in buying your piano for a fair price.

Rockaway Music is an authorized Yamaha piano dealer located in Morris County, New Jersey. We carry quality new and used pianos, player pianos and digital pianos. For more information on purchasing a piano or about our piano services we provide for New Jersey, please contact us at: (973) 984-8800 (Morris Plains)

Wanting to sell your piano? We are always considering fine brands like Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, and other higher quality pianos. We will pay top market dollar for your instrument no matter its condition! If we purchase your piano we will arrange to pick up and move your instrument from your home to our rebuilding facility. We try to make this process as quick and easy as possible for you. Selling your piano to us eliminates the hassle of advertising, showing your piano and tearing the piano down and moving it. We are always helping customers across North America sell their pianos, so get in contact with us today.

With this information, we can evaluate your instrument! We buy vintage pianos from all over North America and our movers make regular trips throughout the continent. Do not hesitate to contact us today if you are looking to sell your used piano. We will let you know if we are interested in your piano and can give you a custom price quote. Whether you desire to sell or purchase a piano, we are ready to help you accomplish your goals. Contact us today if you are looking to sell your Steinway or other higher quality brand piano.

Although many sellers choose to operate on a consignment basis with their pianos, we are sometimes able to purchase pianos outright from sellers. Pianos are assessed for potential purchase on a case-by-case basis; if you'd like to know if we'd be able to purchase your piano, please feel free to call or email us.

Avoid the hassle of selling your piano by yourself, including the risk and expense of moving it. Instead, work with Alamo Music Center's brick-and-mortar locations for getting your instrument listed and in front of interested buyers. As you can see from our online listings, we sell used acoustic, digital and hybrid pianos. Our stores and showrooms offer additional assistance:

Merriam Pianos is a recognized authority in the piano business, and is frequently called on by insurance companies, auction houses, and other authorities to give advice and technical assessments of pianos for a number of reasons:

Something else to ponder, perhaps you're considering selling your piano because you have out grown the capabilities of your instrument. Your looking to put the money you receive from your used piano into the purchase of a new piano. We help customers with this every day in our store. The choices for you are beyond what you might think and we sell pianos representing all the top selling brands you are looking for. So go ahead and contact us at the store and ask our professional pianos sales team how you can be the owner of a piano that you love.

Haven't found what you're looking for yet? Our used piano inventory is constantly changing. We're a different showroom every week. Let us find what you're looking for! Please give us a few details below and we'll begin searching our vast inventory and network so we can find a piano you'll love.Continue ShoppingContinue Shopping

Before you even list a piano for sale, research needs to be done on the instrument and brand. By this, I mean extensive research! Most pianos are built with a brand label, serial number, and model number. A simple Google search of that readily available information will show you a lot about your instrument.

For example, pianos pre-1960 might have ivory keys yet carry the same model number as pianos from 2019. The same can be said for the type of wood finish, hammer action parts, and even which factory the instrument was produced in. Certain features may be rare and present on only older models too. A detail like that can drastically change the value of your instrument.

In most cases, model numbers and serial numbers are going to be most important for grand pianos as opposed to uprights. This is not to say upright pianos do not hold some value, but grand pianos are usually of a higher quality and standard.

Used pianos will never sell for the original price, but they are still worth quite a bit. Another thing you can do is search for your piano or similar models and see what others are selling it for. If someone is selling a Yamaha C7 for $29,999 then you could undercut them and sell it for $25,999.

The player systems from the past also had a bad effect on the touch and feel of those pianos. Most of those pianos were blocky and not responsive. While a player system still holds some value, I would not consider it something that will significantly boost your overall sale price.

One of the most popular ways to sell a piano is to use an online marketplace. The most popular places to sell a piano online are eBay, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. A simple search on any of these platforms yields tons of pianos of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

I highly suggest providing these incentives if you are trying to sell an expensive used piano. This would include something like Steinway, Yamaha, or any luxury brand piano. If you are simply trying to sell an upright piano then I would not offer much more than loading the piano in a pickup truck or U-Haul moving it yourself, or at least providing the first tuning for free of charge.

In addition to reaching out to technicians, using online marketplaces, and posting ads, pianos can be sold in local stores on your behalf. Usually, there is some sort of a fee associated with selling your piano at a local store. Stores will charge you a stocking or storage fee, similar to how warehouses hold inventory.

At the very least, if the piano does not sell and you just want somebody to take it off your hands, consider donating to it. There are always churches, schools, after school centers, and local organizations looking for pianos.

To provide an accurate and fair valuation when we buy used pianos, we require some basic details like the piano make & model, serial number, reason to sell piano and most importantly, some photographs. These allow us to assess the condition of the piano, which is important when valuing it.

For more than two decades, PianoMart has been the leading online resource for selling and buying pianos online. Our site is trusted by renowned dealers, professional musicians, private instructors, and amateur enthusiasts alike, and our inventory includes grand, baby grand, upright and digital pianos.

The PianoMart idea was born in 1996 by Joe Ross, a registered piano technician who envisioned a classified advertising platform for buying and selling pianos online. launched in January 1997 and is the realization of that vision.

Londonderry Piano is looking for Grands, Uprights, Players, Hybrids, Digitals and Keyboards. The Duffy family has been buying and selling pianos for more than 40 years. You can feel confident that Londonderry Piano will manage the entire process with the utmost simplicity and professionalism.

Unfortunately, we don't purchase antique uprights like the one pictured. Because many older pianos are worn-out and no longer suitable for piano lessons or serious use, we are only interested in potentially purchasing pianos of the following brands:

Sometimes, older pianos and their challenges for their owners and potential new pianists outweigh the costs of restoration or repair. Often, the age of the piano is less critical than the playability and performance of the piano. Eventually, the value of the piano as a piece of furniture and its sentimental value outweighs its value as an instrument. Over time gradual wear and deterioration take a toll on the condition of all pianos, whether regularly serviced or not. The best thing to do is to contact us by phone (901.323.8888) and arrange a disposal service for most old uprights. 041b061a72

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