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Skyrim Realistic Carry Weight Mod

Reduces your Carry Weight for a more realistic experience. Reduces base carry weight and carry weight per stamina level up. Benefits from Steed Stone and Extra Pockets have been reduced. Gold now has weight.

skyrim realistic carry weight mod

I'd like to thank Everlive for giving me the idea with their Realistic Carry Weight, I made this completely on my own, they just made me want to make my own mod that did this.I made this mod completely on my own from just the default Skyrim game.Pictures: In-game screenshots were taken by myself and edited to show the base carry weight changes of each race, character creation screen and starting background location shown in screenshots is a combination of: RaceMenu and Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Which is where the Ring of Increased Carry Weight comes in. It actually gives you two rings; one with an extra 1,000 carry weight capacity, and another offering an extra million. Yeah, that should do it. Buy the ring from Belethor's place in Whiterun and horde away like the little magpie you are.

The minimally-named Cheat Mod gives you a container in the Warmaiden's forge in Whiterun, where you will find 1000 of every crafting ingredient. It also gives you strongboxes with 100,000 pieces of gold and a ring that boosts your carry weight by 500,000.

I am really missing the ability to sort my inventory by weight and value when deciding what to drop when I am overly encumbered and unable to run. I read a rule of thumb that said to drop anything where value is less than 10x weight. Are there any better methods or guidelines for maximizing the value of the loot I carry back to a merchant?

Well, lacking a precise formula (even though there certainly is one, the problem can be nailed down mathematically since the only variables are the weight of items, the value of items, and the total amount that you can carry), all I can do is give you some tips:

Get your Follower to pick items up... If you want your follower to be able to carry AN ENDLESS amount of items, without worrying about weight and without using a cheat (I don't use cheats as it defeats the object of the game), simply drop whatever item you want them to carry and instruct them to pick it up using the 'talk' menu and selecting 'There's something I want you to do for me'... If your follower isn't over encumbered, just use the 'I want to trade something with you' selection to move items from your inventory into theirs.

Plan what you need to carry... before taking on a quest or side mission, think about what kind of equipment, weapons, apparel, ingredients etc you will need. If you need magic, then you don't need to carry all your ingredients with you, so put them into a chest in your house until you want to do something that relates to Alchemy. Do the same with other items like ore and ingots, dragon bones & scales, chitin etc, which you will only need when Smithing (they weight A LOT)... and don't carry EVERY potion you've created. Only carry the potions you use. I never use potions that fortify or restore stamina, so I either store them or more often, I just sell them for some extra 'coin'!

1. First thing I did after becoming Thane of Whiterun was to take a carriage to Solitude (I played the first 13 levels twice at two different friends' places when I didn't have the game yet, so I didn't count this against my "don't fast travel" rule) and nab the Steed Stone. Weightless armor and 100 extra carry weight is win. The Thieves' Guild gives you armor with an additional 20 carry weight, too, if you're into light armor.

Bring up your enchanting skill to 100 to dual enchant. Use the highest enchanting potion to get the most value at the enchanter. Rings, necklaces and gauntlets (elven) can be dual enchanted with a carry weight and a skill enhancement. So I have over 50 carry weight each on at least three items at all times. Also use boots with 40-45 carry weight and low object weight. There is a mask with another 20% extra carry weight or the St. Jiub necklace. Use elven armor and use the Blacksmith potion to get the armor to epic or better. My elven armor is at 68 with a weight of 4 lbs. The armor is stronger than ebony or daedric with less weight. If you use the heavy or light armor skill tree the armor can weigh nothing. Go to the Steed Stone to add carry weight and there is another bonus on the pickpocket? tree. Blackguard armor will add another 50 that you will get for the Mallory quest in Solstein.

This creation was originally released in 2018 and serves to improve the encumbrance system of Skyrim. Not only do they increase carry weight, some also have additional effects that come in handy for most playstyles, and have simple, customizable designs to suit the rest of a character's appearance.

Updated April 27, 2022 by Erik Petrovich: The Skyrim Anniversary Edition Backpack creation, also available in Special Edition via the Creation Club, is one of the game's most useful. Some consider it game-breaking thanks to the amount of storage it gives, and some of the minor buffs can turn a good build into an overpowered one. Adventurers Backpacks are the only Skyrim backpacks, and there aren't any ways to increase carry weight in the base game aside from enchanting and potions. If you're tired of running back and forth from cities when your inventory fills up after each dungeon, consider getting one of these.

Adventurer's Backpacks are new equippable items players can get with the installation of either Anniversary Edition or the individual Creation Club element for standalone Special Edition. These greatly expand a player's maximum carry weight, making them near-essential for Skyrim Survival mode, but they also come with unique effects.

I don't know if its just me, but the current inventory system is not very realistic. I wish the devs change the inventory system for a weight based one (like in skyrim), because for example if i pick up 2 plants 1 peaces of paper and a book/scematic than i in real life I ain't slowd down by those. But i want to hear others opinion in this topic.

A weight system has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that objects of low weight do not slow you down as much. On the other hand, you cannot carry large amounts of stone, iron or other resources. In ARK there is a weight-based system but that has led to her having to do tricks here and there to make the beaver e.g. carry a lot of wood.

For 7d2d i still prefer the stack/slot system. As Damocles said, e.g. Ark has other mechanics around the weight system. Firsthand you have dinosaurs that can carry a lot more and you have to use them for transportation. And for crafting you can pull out of nearby storage boxes, so you don't have to walk to each box if you need more for crafting a specific thing than you can carry.

I abhor inventory tetris, and weights makes inventory tetris look like a walk in the park (to say nothing about the fact that a "realistic" inventory system would be vastly smaller than what the base game already has).

And i guess you overestimate the weight system. First it might be more comfortable for looting, but imagine you want to build a base with weight-system. A block of concret then weighs 500kg and your max carry is 100kg? Second, said third time now: It's not just giving weights to items, but the system would need other mechanics implemented.

Websites like Eurogamer and Motherboard have dedicated blog posts instructing on how to turn off encumbrance, ostensibly because there are so many people on the internet googling for answers. A mod that gives you infinite carry capacity in The Witcher 3 has been downloaded over 30,000 times (it's the third-most popular Witcher 3 mod on the Nexus). The "100x your carry weight" mod for Skyrim has been downloaded 380,000 times. The developers I spoke to are all reasonable people who make good points, but it's hard to shake that fundamental feeling that encumbrance only slows down our fun.

All that being said, maybe there's a way to make encumbrance better without completely purging it from the code. David J. Cobb has spent the bulk of his modding career tinkering with the nuts and bolts of Skyrim to create a more realistic, more demanding weight system, and he makes a strong point about how encumbrance is often poorly implemented. There's never any warning when you're about to become over-encumbered in Bethesda games. Your momentum comes to a screeching halt after you add one extraneous item to your inventory. "Like carrying hundreds of pounds of gear effortlessly, only to stop completely in your tracks because you decided to pick a flower on the side of the road," he says. He argues that instead of creating immersion, that breaks immersion.

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