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Buy Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings have a rich history all their own, having been passed through different generations, relationships, and love stories. Each ring was originally designed and expertly handmade by artisans of their time, from the bold, geometric designs of the Art Deco era to the gentle, precise designs of the Edwardian era using European or mine cut diamonds to the bigger bolder designs of the Retro era set in rose gold. Browse our elegant collection of unique vintage engagement rings spanning all vintage jewelry eras and styles.

buy vintage diamond engagement ring

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If your style embraces a simple vintage solitaire ring, or you dare to unleash your spirited side with a more extravagant colorful ring from your favorite era, there is no better expression of your elegance and sophistication than a vintage engagement ring chosen especially for you.

Whether you are looking for a glittering halo setting, a dramatic two-tone ring, an era-inspired design, or a classic simple solitaire, make your own history by finding the perfect vintage engagement ring to symbolize your happily ever after.

Vintage engagement rings are from the 1980's or older. An authentic antique engagement ring comes from a certain historical Era, these Eras are the inspiration for our company name: EraGem. Unique engagement rings were made using materials, tools and methods from the different time periods. Victorian Engagement Rings 1837-1900 were primarily crafted of yellow gold, the halo setting was popular, and the tradition of engagement/wedding rings became widespread. Edwardian Engagement Rings 1901-1910 featured floral patterns in ornate platinum filigree. Art Deco Engagement Rings 1915-1930's were hand crafted with mil-grain, symmetrical, geometric, and architectural designs, and often contained colored stone accents. The Retro Era circa 1940's saw yellow and rose gold rings make a comeback and white gold began to compete with platinum. In the 1950-1980's Mid Century period, heirloom engagement rings became a popular choice. Many rings from these years feature older antique family stones that were reset into current styles or ones handed down from previous generations. Our selection includes many pre-owned modern estate engagement rings as well. The antique ring boxes are not included; however, we do have a limited selection available here: Old Ring Boxes

A rare collection of vintage engagement rings, foremost of its kind in the world. These rare antique rings have been our labor of love since 1981. Each piece is hand-picked by Estate Diamond Jewelry to ensure that it meets our high standard for diamond quality and craftsmanship.

The range of vintage rings includes delicate platinum Edwardian Engagement Rings and fashion-forward Art Deco Engagement Rings. Our collection also includes rare gold Victorian Era, Georgian Era, and Retro Engagement Rings. The age of the antique engagement rings spans from the 1880s until the 1970s.

The best retailers for vintage engagement rings are James Allen and Blue Nile. They are the top two vendors with a track record of high-quality vintage rings. For actual antiques, we recommend Abe Mor because they have a high standard for recycled jewelry, and offer a personalized experience.

Mike Fried has written hundreds of articles and helped answer more than 30,000 emails from our readers. This has given him a unique perspective on what information truly helps our readers in their quest for finding the perfect diamond engagement ring or piece of jewelry.

Blue Nile carries a large inventory of high-quality diamonds and antique engagement ring settings. Blue Nile is especially known for their strong partnerships with jewelry manufacturers, designers, and diamond suppliers.

Abe Mor specializes in buying and selling diamond rings, making them the premier option for true antique engagement rings. Not only that, they give customers a personalized, high-end experience. Many of our readers have been very pleased with the antique engagement rings they bought from Abe Mor.

Wondering where to buy vintage engagement rings that are at least a few decades old? Consider antique stores, vintage jewelry shops, and estate sales. These vendors often buy and resell engagement rings, and have a limited selection available for shoppers.

Be dazzled by our eclectic and ever-changing collection of unique antique and vintage diamond engagement rings. From solitaire and halo to marquise and trilogy, all of our hand-picked diamond rings are unique and one-of-a-kind, just like the love in your life.

If you do choose to use an heirloom ring, you could save considerable money depending on what part of the ring is still useable. Oftentimes couples will keep the original setting and opt to replace or add in new diamonds (while preserving any that are currently in it for an updated design, or a new piece of jewelry altogether, like a necklace). Or, they may choose to use the diamond for a new setting entirely (the most cost-effective option, since diamonds are usually most expensive part of the engagement ring).

Thankfully you no longer just have to rely on the old musty antique store in your town. There are so many reputable online options (some with brick and mortar locations as well) for vintage, antique, and estate diamond jewelry. No matter where you purchase your ring, make sure they have a highly-trained staff which includes a credentialed gemologist and jewelry appraiser. If you are buying a ring with diamonds, the resellers will ideally be able to give you a GIA grading report and ring certification (read more in our How to Buy a Diamond Guide).

A friend of ours recently got engaged with a diamond ring from 1903 (pearl and diamond) and as lovely as it is - she had to have the entire ring refurbished shortly after the engagement because the side diamonds started to fall out. In the end, our pal bought another ring to wear daily, and just wears the 1903 beauty on special occasions.

Every antique engagement ring in the Gatsby Jewellery inventory is valued and priced according to the metals, gemstones and craftsmanship of the piece, meaning that there is an engagement ring to suit every budget.

Combining stylish geometrical shapes with intricate, detailed oriented dainty designs, the vintage engagement rings are all about romance of the bygone era. Your lady love will love to flaunt such a regal piece of ornament!

Different eras hold beauty for all different reasons, such as the settings of a row of diamonds in Victorian rings, the geometric look of Art Deco pieces, or the filigree embellishment of the Edwardian era.

Rings do not need to be unethically sourced to be beautiful. Vintage rings have a history of at least 50 years, so you know they have been ethically sourced. For this reason, we see vintage rings as the most socially-responsible engagement ring option. Plus, since you are buying something that is already in circulation, it is the most environmentally-friendly option as well.

Most new rings you buy will likely not be one of a kind (even if they are breathtaking and beautiful). Since vintage rings were made long ago, you are not likely to see the same one anywhere, making it an original and unique piece.

Any ring that has made it through generations of wear and tear is going to last at least a couple more if taken care of properly. A quality vintage ring has been expertly crafted and designed to last a lifetime. This durability is a great feature, particularly if you are planning on wearing your ring for a lifetime.

So many brides-to-be have their hearts set on a vintage engagement ring. There's something so romantic about wearing a ring that has a past of its own, and something so charming about a pre-loved ring that you often don't find in a brand new rock. But shopping for a vintage engagement ring can be daunting. Unless you're lucky enough to inherit an heirloom ring you adore, you'll have to go out and find your own period piece - and that's where we come in! We've put together great tips and advice for shopping for a period antique engagement ring.

Lots of the vintage jewellery you see in antique shops is actually costume jewellery, this means it might be gold-plated silver (or brass) rather than solid gold, or have non-precious gemstones or crystal, rather than precious stones. Costume jewellery can be fabulous, but few couples choose it for their engagement ring, as it's less valuable than fine jewellery, and won't age as well. Asking for period fine jewellery, rather than vintage jewellery (which can mean fine or costume jewellery), should direct you to the right place.

It's important to do some research before you hit the shops, particularly if you're planning to buy a diamond ring, in which case you should familiarise yourself with the Four Cs - colour, clarity, carat and cut. Antique and vintage diamonds tend to have old-fashioned cuts, which don't always optimise the brilliance of the stone, and are more likely to have visible flaws, but this can actually add to their charm! Whatever kind of ring you're after, doing your research in advance should help you set your expectations. If there's a particular era, style or gemstone you're interested in, read up on it, and save a few images to show your jeweller.

Whether you're looking for your own engagement ring, or shopping for your other half, narrowing your search will help you to find what you're looking for, without being totally overwhelmed. Look at jewellery from different eras and see if there's a particular style that resonates - Victorian, Art Deco etc. Alternatively, you might decide you want an emerald, ruby, garnet or sapphire gemstone, and you can take your search from there. Check out our engagement ring style guide, and A-Z of gemstones feature for ideas. 041b061a72

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