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What is a draw handicap? How to predict draw handicaps and experience to increase your odds of winning

Handicap draw, or sometimes referred to as level handicap, is a type of bet commonly chosen by players when this type of bet appears on the betting board. Typically, handicap draw bets only appear in prestigious international tournaments such as the World Cup, EURO, or the Champions League. Therefore, those who place handicap draw bets will enjoy the most exciting and dramatic matches. So what exactly is a handicap draw bet?

Handicap draw bets, also known as level handicap bets, are favored not only because they allow viewers to follow vip football tips today exciting matches but also because of their relatively high winning odds. This is one of the most popular Asian handicap bets due to its simple rules, easily understandable even for beginners. So what is a handicap draw bet that frequently appears in major national or international tournaments?

For professional football bettors, they surely know what handicap draw bets are because of their relatively high winning odds. Therefore, for those who are new to football betting and want to make money, it's essential to thoroughly understand what handicap draw bets entail.

When two teams are evenly matched in terms of skill and strength, a handicap draw bet will be offered with a level handicap, typically set at 0. In handicap draw bets, the handicap level does not affect the outcome of the match in terms of win, loss, or draw. Therefore, those who place handicap draw bets must correctly predict the exact score of the match to make accurate bets.

Here are some common scenarios where handicap draw bets occur:

One team has good potential but their form is declining close to the match, showing instability. In this case, the bookmaker may set the handicap at 0, not favoring the team perceived as weaker.

Both teams participating have equally good skills, with no one team standing out. The quality of the squads is evenly matched, and their performance is stable.

In matches where one team plays at home and has the advantage of home field, if the advantage is considered weaker than the other team, a handicap draw bet may still be offered.

To avoid significant discrepancies in odds, bookmakers may adjust the handicap from 0.25 to 0, depending on the teams' head-to-head history and their recent performance.

As for the scenarios when placing handicap draw bets:

If the team on the handicap side wins, the player who bet on that side will receive the full amount of the bet. Otherwise, they will lose the entire bet amount.

In the case of a draw between the two teams, the player will receive back the amount they bet.

If the team on the opposite side of the handicap wins, the player will lose the entire bet amount.

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Guide on how to bet on handicap draw

Playing handicap draw bets is quite simple as the bettor only needs to understand how to read the odds, winning rules, and payout methods. The odds for handicap draw bets will be displayed on the board provided by the bookmakers. The player's task is to understand the meaning of each symbol on the board in order to make informed betting decisions.

In major tournaments, reputable bookmakers often offer attractive handicap draw odds for players to choose from. To read the handicap draw odds, players only need to pay attention to the numbers provided by the bookmakers. The first number indicates the handicap odds, the next two numbers are the odds of winning if the player bets on both sides. Players only need to select the handicap draw bet and the side they want to bet on, then place their bet amount. Finally, they wait for the match result.

Here is an example of how to play a handicap draw bet: The odds for the handicap draw between the MU team and Arsenal are: 0 1.5/1.8. So how is this number understood?

0: The number indicates the handicap odds between the 2 teams are 0.

1.5: If the MU team wins, the player wins at odds of 1.5.

1.8: If Arsenal wins, the player wins at odds of 1.8.

So if a player bets 2 million VND on the MU team to win and the MU team wins, the player receives a prize of 2 x 1.5 = 3 million VND. Conversely, if the MU team loses, the player will lose all of the 2 million VND bet.

Tips for analyzing handicap draw odds to increase winning chances

In addition to understanding what handicap draw bets are, it is necessary to grasp relevant information about the teams and the match to increase the chances of winning the bet. Of course, luck still plays an important role but not 100%. However, in handicap draw bets, players also need to know some tips to increase the winning rate.

Researching the head-to-head history before choosing a side

The first thing to do before analyzing the handicap draw odds is to thoroughly research the details of the strength of the 2 teams. Specifically, their capabilities, recent form, which players are strong, the head-to-head history of the 2 teams, etc.

The recent form of the 2 teams is the factor that helps players predict the likelihood of winning the match. Besides, understand the playing style, tactics, key players, and lineup deployment method. All are necessary information for players to assess the winning potential of a team.

Because handicap draw bets do not have odds, players only need to study and assess which team is more likely to win. Therefore, players need to consider many factors related to both teams. For example, if one team has won more often in the head-to-head history, the player can consider betting on that side. Also, consider which team has stable recent form and performance to place a bet.

Do not place bets too early

Many online football bettors have advised not to rush to place bets too early. Experienced bettors often wait for about 15 minutes after the match starts before placing bets. Their purpose is to observe the capabilities, playing style, and form of the 2 teams. Only when they have assessed the winning potential of the 2 teams will they proceed to place bets to increase their chances of winning.

Consider choosing the home team

A tip for online football bettors when playing handicap draw bets is to consider choosing the home team. Matches where both teams are evenly matched with no clear dominance, the home team has an advantage and is easier to win. Of course, playing at home is also one of the major advantages. Because players will understand the advantages and disadvantages of the stadium, how to play, to penetrate the opponent's goal.

Choose to bet on reputable bookmakers

If you want to increase your chances of winning bets when playing handicap draw bets, you should choose highly rated bookmakers in terms of reputation and payment ability. Because reputable bookmakers will have specific rules and ensure rewards for players.

Wintips has just shared what handicap draw bets are, how to read the odds, and some betting tips website for analyzing odds to increase winning rates. Handicap draw bets are favored by experienced football bettors because of the large profits. However, due to the many different odds, players need to have a solid understanding of handicap draw bets. But with what Wintips has shared, players are sure to earn some income.

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