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Electrobeats By David Guetta For Android Download

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guetta, whose recent albums include 2009s dynamite and last years listen to this now, has emerged as a cross-over artist, combining mainstream radio-friendly pop tunes with the harder, more underground house/dubstep sound. while certainly this means more money in guettas pocket, it also places him (or most djs) in an awkward position in trying to please both audiences. and at 32 years of age, its perhaps no coincidence that guetta has embraced a new, more enlightened vision of his musical influences, eschewing the more typical approach of only playing commercial happy tracks in clubs.

guettas electrobeats is an intriguingly unclassifiable but ultimately pretty decent ipad and android app, combining a rhythm game with a musical standard track. inside the app, you take on the role of guettas classic, rotary analog drum set while listening to his music. each of the instruments has a distinctive element that has to be hit in tandem with the beat to unlock new sections of song or unlock the hidden mini games.

with electrobeats, guetta has created something novel, giving fans an opportunity to show off their disco, house, techno, techno or just really good rhythm skills. and the more serious music fans who explore electrobeats (or guettas other recent hit game, pump it) will discover a refreshingly new style of music that is less defined by genre. if he keeps this up, guettas may yet become the john peel of the 21st century.

another thing david is aware of is that a typical club night is already spoiled by the huge number of big name acts who cannot be bothered to turn up. to offset this he has consistently pushed for inclusion of video recording technology into the digital dj set. his new games are an obvious following in this vein. 3d9ccd7d82

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